It’ well known that the Xerox firm invented the laser printer in 60’s. They adopt Electronic photographing technology, which use laser beam to scan the drum and the sensing light is sucked and not attracted to the toner through controlling the opening and close switches of the laser beam, then the drum is transferred to the paper by the photosensitive drum to form a printing result.

Though the invention of the laser printer was very early, the real popularization and promotion began in the early 1980s and accelerated in the past two years. The development of laser printers includes the following aspects:

(1)prices had dropped sharply. The original laser printer was luxury, and most people were out of reach. At the beginning of 80’s , the Canon company will desktop laser printers commercialization, and formed a batch, prices dropped dramatically, thus the laser printer has been gradually began promoting laser printer, the popularization and promotion , in turn contributed to the decline in prices, the speed of its development, which is rare in the computer and peripheral products. HP firm took the lead to most of the laser printer to further reduce prices in early 1997, other companies have also cut the prices for their products as follows. A batch of thousand dollar laser printers including the inner toner cartridge such as representative cf410a toner cartridges headed by HP occurred in near recent years.

(2)The core performance is greatly improved. As the core of laser printer key parts, including mechanical, photoelectric integration and other technologies, the progress of these technologies has promoted the improvement of the core performance. Two years ago, the popular laser printer core was 600dpi, and the core was usually 240000dpi, some products higher. Like an M452 printer with fine-quality cf410a toner cartridges can has a high printing speed and higher pixels and you can get satisfying printing effect.

 (3)The control technology is improving day by day. The controller is the soul of the laser printer, it direct impact on the performance of the printer, now use the available controller has been developed from single Motorola68000 to RISC chips, has greatly strengthened its ability to process. Second, the laser printer page description language has formed an industrial standard, and PostScript becomes the standard language for high-end laser printers.

The industry has been arguing over whether the laser will replace ink jet or both will lead to respectively. Purely theoretical discussion and “preaching” may be too empty and abstract, so we should compare several elements from the emergence of printing needs of both, then we’ve better compare the full range on laser jet printer and ink printer from the cost of investment, print quality and speed, print load and stability of the consumer level and get reliable and comprehensive result.